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Breastless In The City

In the trials and tribulations department for finding love, Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on Cathy Bueti.

In her early 20s, Bueti is widowed by her high school sweetheart and a few years later, just as she feels ready to venture out into the streets of New York City to date again, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. For most, a cancer diagnosis—and its related treatments and surgeries—might backburner dating. But for Bueti, it motivates her to redouble her efforts to find love again while she still has her hair.

What emerges is a disarmingly frank look at what it takes to be a survivor. As Bueti recovers from surgeries, endures chemotherapy, and subsequently experiences the loss of her hair, she manages to negotiate the obstacle course of internet dating. Against the comical backdrop of one Mr. Wrong after another, Bueti is forced to confront her relationship with her abusive, alcoholic father—and her own distorted views about her body and her worth.

Then, just a week after her last chemotherapy treatment, Bueti meets and falls in love with a wonderful guy. Readers will cheer for her, and be moved and inspired by this indomitable young woman’s quest to find love and heal her body…and her heart.




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